Professional Track Faculty, English Department, University of Maryland, College Park.


Ph.D., English, Duke University (2010-2017)                                                                                                                                                    M.A., English                                                                                                                                                                                                    Certificate in Feminist Studies                                                                                                                                                                                    Dissertation: Technologies of Illusion: Enchanting Modernity's Machines                                                                                                   Committee: Priscilla Wald (director), Joseph Donahue, Kathy Psomiades, Jane Thrailkill (UNC-CH), Shawn Michelle Smith                  (SAIC)         

M.A., English, Georgetown University (2008-2010)                                                                                                                                               High Pass, Orals Examination                                                                                                                                                                                     Thesis: “Novel Experiments: Speculative Science in Early American Literature.”                                                                                                   Thesis Director: Dana Luciano

B.A., English, Queens College, CUNY (2005-2008)                                                                                                                                              summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa


“The Spell and the Scalpel: Scientific Sight in Early 3D Photography.” J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists         3.2 (Fall 2015): 436-445.

“Reading the Phantom: Stereo Vision as Enchanted Methodology," chapter in Race, Vision, and Technology in the Nineteenth Century United States. ed. Shirley Samuels. Under consideration at Oxford University Press.

“The Ghost in the Plate: The Technical Spirit Images of Occult Photochemists William Mumler, Julia Margaret Cameron, and James VanDerZee,” chapter in Promiscuous Entanglements: Photography, Referentiality, and the Objective Turn. eds. Rasmus R. Simonsen and Geoff Bender. In progress. 

Book Reviews

“Poe’s Affective Faces.” Book Review of Adam Frank’s Transferential Poetics: from Poe to Warhol. Poe Studies: History, Theory, Interpretation 49 (2016): E6-E8.

Digital Projects 

Seeing in 3D. Editor and Developer of Digital Collection of Essays on the History of 3D photography supported by the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative. In progress.

Theorizing the Supernatural. Designed and Developed Digital Curation of Students’ archival work. Spring 2015. 


 Nathan J. Perilman Fellowship in Judaic Studies. Duke University Center for Jewish Studies. 2016-2017.

Honorable Mention. James B. Danky Fellowship. Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, School of Library and Information Sciences. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2016. 

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Travel Award. Duke University. 2016. 

Duke Summer Research Fellowship, Stuart Irwin Harris Endowment. 2013, 2016.   

Scholar at Duke Phd Lab in Digital Knowledge. 2013-2015.                                          

Nominated for the ACLA’s Horst Frenz Prize for Best Paper Presented by a Graduate Student. Spring 2012.

Graduate Student Instructor, Competitive Position at Duke’s Thompson Writing   Program  Fall 2012.    

Conference Travel Award, Duke University, 2011-2013.                

Grant from Duke Women’s Studies to Coordinate and Host the 19CAWWWG [19th-Century American Women Writers Working Group]  Fall 2012.                              

Franklin Humanities Fellowship to attend Dartmouth Institute in American Studies Institute. Summer 2012.                

Fully Funded academic scholarship, Georgetown University. 2008-2010.                         

English Fellow in Communications Department at Georgetown’s CNDLS [Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship]. 2008-2010

Phi Beta Kappa, Queens College CUNY. 2008.                     


University of Maryland, College Park

Lecturer                       ENGL 101H    “Academic Writing.”  Fall 2018.       

                                    ENGL 101       “Academic Writing.”   Fall 2018.               

                                  ENGL398 V  “Topics in Professional Writing; Writing about the Environment.” Fall 2018.                                                                                               

                                  ENGL296       “Reading and Writing Disability.”  Fall 2018
College of Charleston

Instructor                    WGST-320      “Radical Magic: Feminism, Queer Identity,  and the Supernatural World.”   Spring 2018.    

                                   WGST-200-01 “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.” Spring 2018

                                   WGST 200-08  “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.” Spring 2018

                                    WGST 200-09 “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.”  Spring 2018

                                    WGST-200-01 “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.”  Fall 2017

                                    WGST 200-08  “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.”  Fall 2017

                                    WGST 200-09  “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies.”  Fall 2017.

Spelman College

Invited Lecturer           SENG 421 B, “19th-Century Horror Stories: Sex, Race, Gender and the Gothic.” Dr. Deanna Koretsky. Fall 2017.

Georgetown University

Invited Lecturer            English 477, “Writing With Light: On Photography.” Dr. Dana Luciano. English for Majors. Spring 2016.

Duke University

Instructor                    ENGL20 “American Literature’s Spirits: Washington Irving to Tony Kushner.” Elective for non-majors. Spring  2015                                            

                                      Writing 101 “Queer Science.” Thompson Writing Program. Freshman Writing  Requirement. Fall 2012.

Advisor                        Jocelyn Streid (Duke ’13), Undergraduate Senior Thesis: “The Salvation Project: The Secularization of Christian                                                   Narratives in American Cancer Care.”

Teaching Assistant      "Sex/Gender, Nature/Nurture” (Dr. Ara Wilson and Dr. Christina Williams)

                                    "Queer Theory” (Dr. Robyn Wiegman)                                                

                                    “The Novel Live!” (Michael Moses).

                                    “Classics of American Literature: 1860-1915 (and Beyond)” (Dr. RalphSavarese).

                                    “Classics of American Literature, 1915-1960” (Dr. Victor Strandberg).

                                    “The Contemporary Novel” (Dr. Aarthi Vaade)

                                    “Movie Worlds” (Dr. Sean Metzger)

Invited Talks

"Intuitive Historiography in the Archive." University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture Colloquium Series. Spring 2017.

“Photochemistry and the Occult: Visualizing the Invisible in 19th-Century Photography.” Georgetown University, Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice. Spring 2016.


"“See she’s telepathic/Call it black girl magic:’ Race, Witchcraft, and the Goth Girl," NWSA, Atlanta, GA. Fall 2018.

"Darkrooms of Dissent: James VanDerZee's Glamour Photography." Paper to be presented at the American Studies Association. Fall 2017. 

"The Problem of Mishpachah: Ancestral Haunting and Harry Houdini." Perilman Symposium. Duke Center for Religious Study. Fall 2016.

“Stereo-Vision: Visualizing the Phantom Image.” Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science.” The University of Chicago, Fall 2015. 

“Spirit Work: Magic, Photography, and Shape-Shifting Jewish Objects of Study.” Panel “Jewish Shape-shifting and Modernity.”  Association of Jewish Studies. Baltimore, MD. Fall 2014.

“Enchanting Methods and the Amateur Scholar.” American Studies Association. Los Angeles, CA. Fall 2014.

“3D Photography: A History.” Paper presented at Symposium for bio-artist, Oron Catts’, weeklong visit to Duke University. Durham, NC, Fall 2014.

“Science (Photo) Fictions.” Paper presented at the SLSA 2014. Dallas, TX. Fall 2014.

Organizer, Panelist. “Photochemical Fictions: Magic, Illusion, and 19th Century Photography.” Panel “The Photographic Commons: Constructing 19th-Century Visual Fields. Chair: Marcy Dinius. Spring 2014

"Supernatural Public Policy and Nettie Colburn Maynard’s Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist(1891)?” Melville Society International Conference, ”Melville and Whitman in Washington: The Civil War and After.” Washington, D.C. Summer 2014.                                                                                                                       

 “Wired Love: 19th-Century Technoerotics; or, Online Dating before OKCupid.”   ACLA 2013, University of Toronto. Panel “Queering Science, Queering Technology,” Chairs: Cheryl Spinner, Xine Yao. Spring 2013.

Organizer and host of the Fall 2012 meeting of the 19CAWWWG at Duke University, discussion led by Jane Thrailkill (UNC-Chapel Hill), topic of discussion: Elizabeth. Stuart Phelp’s Doctor Zay, Fall 2012.                                                                                                                          

"The Chemistry of Citizenship: Molecular Nationalism and Herman Melville's Pierre; or, the Ambiguities."   Paper Presented at the South Atlantic MLA (SAMLA), Research Triangle Park, NC. Fall 2012.

“Entrancing Histories: Experimental Feminism and Nettie Colburn Maynard’s Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist (1891)?  Paper Presented at the Dartmouth Institute of American Studies. Summer 2012.

Attended the spring meeting of the 19CAWWWG, at Rutgers University. Spring 2012.        

“Queering Jewish Knowledge(s): Race, Nation, and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century and Twentieth Century Notions of Jewish Population.” Paper presented at American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA). Brown University, Providence, R.I. Spring 2012.              

Attended the fall meeting of the 19CAWWW held at the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, M.A. Fall 2011.

Chair. Environment and Culture Caucus Panel, American Studies Association (ASA) 2011, Baltimore, MD.  Fall 2011.

“Electric Publics and Electric Nation: The Creation of a National Identity in Herman Melville’s Pierre;  or, the Ambiguities.” Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE). Summer 2011.                                                                   

Attended the 19th-Century Women Writers Working Group (19CAWWW) on Ghost Stories, led by Dana Luciano and Renee Bergland at Cornell University. Fall 2012.                                                    

Academic Service

Volunteer for Bio-Artist, Oron Catts’s, week-long visit to Duke University. Fall 2014.

Coordinated and hosted the 19th-Century Women’s Writing Working Group at Duke University, Sponsored by the Women’s Studies Department. Spring 2012.

Conference Volunteer at Georgetown University’s Teaching, Learning and Innovation Summer Institute. Summer 2009.


Novel: A Forum on Fiction       

Production Assistant, Fall 2010 – Present

Fact-check and copy edit articles for publication.

Georgetown University’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS)                             

English Fellow, Communications Division, 2008-2010  

Conducted faculty interviews on teaching pedagogies, worked with faculty to create course blogs, research

blogs, e-portfolios, involved in University-wide assessment initiative, wrote copy for CNDLS brochures and

digital content.                                                         


Biblical Hebrew (advanced) 

Aramaic (advanced)     

Modern Hebrew (proficient)                                                                                                                                              

Yiddish (proficient)


American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 

American Studies Association (ASA)                                


Center for Alternative Photography  

Society of American Magicians (SAM)                  


Society for the Study of American Women Writers